How do I authorize the Zalando plugin?

To authorize the Zalando plugin, you need to follow a few steps. In this article we will explain it step by step.

  1. Login to;
  2. First, authorize your Zalando account;
  3. After authorizing, click on the four blocks at the top right of the page and click on Technical Integration:


  4. Click on Add technical partner

  5. In the next page, click on Existing Technical Organization and enter our Woosa ID: 0f0d812f-70fb-4273-a69a-66ee55cfd466;

  6. Click on Choose Merchants in the lower right corner;
  7. In the next page, select the desired Merchant from the dropdown;
  8. Agree to the Read and Write access and ensure that all permissions in the Specify Permission sections are granted and again click on Summary in the lower right.

Have you completed all the steps? Then contact Woosa, to finalize the connection.

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