Why does Amazon refuse certain brands?

Amazon refuses in advance certain A-brands, such as: Nike, Nintendo, Dettol and more. They do this to stop the sale of fake items. Do you want to sell an A-brand and get approval for this? Then you need to submit this request to Amazon, by providing proof of a correct purchase channel, for example, a purchase invoice from Nike.

How do you know that a product has been rejected because of the brand?

Have you published your product to Amazon from WooCommerce and are not authorized to sell the A-brand? Then you will see the following error message in the WooCommerce product:

You may not create new ASINs for this brand. You are free to add offers to any existing ASIN for this brand. Please review our ASIN Creation Policy here: https://sellercentral.amazon.nl/gp/help/201844590. If you believe the product you want to sell is not already listed in the Amazon catalog and should be listed as a new ASIN, contact Seller Support at https://sellercentral.amazon.nl/hz/contact-us and mention error code 5461.

How do you submit an application for an A-brand?

To get started, in your Amazon Seller Account, go to Catalogue > Add Products. Next, enter the EAN code of the product. The product will become visible, however, you can only click the Apply to sell button. Then you need to go through all the steps to get sales authorizations for the A-brand. 

What do you need to submit the application?

  • Purchase invoice from the supplier or distributor from which you purchase the A brands
  • A proof of sale from the A-brand itself

Can't provide the above evidence? Then your application cannot be submitted to Amazon at all.

Need support?

Still experiencing problems or having questions? Please don't hesitate to contact us via woosa.com/support or by phone via  +31 (0)320 - 33 77 77. 

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