What happens when I customize my WooCommerce product?

There are several things you can adjust in a WooCommerce product. If you have published this product on Amazon as well, it's nice to have all the data the same. For example:

  • Stock level
  • Sales price
  • General product information, such as: images and other content

Adjust stock

There are several situations in which the stock is adjusted. Below we explain the different situations.

WooCommerce order

As soon as a WooCommerce order arrives, the stock - in addition to being adjusted in WooCommerce - must also be adjusted in Amazon. The Amazon WooCommerce plugin takes care of adjusting the stock automatically after an order arrives.

Amazon order

It can also happen that an Amazon order comes in. In that case, the stock needs to be updated not only in Amazon, but also in WooCommerce. This happens at the moment the Amazon orders are imported into WooCommerce. 
Since the import of Amazon orders happens every 5 minutes, your stock may not fully match for a few minutes. For this we added the Preserve Stock Offset setting to the general settings. This setting ensures that the stock on Amazon is always lower with the number you enter here. This way you never sell a product that is out of stock.

You can find the Preserve Stock Offset via WooCommerce > Settings > Amazon tab > Settings mini-tab.

WooCommerce product

Finally, you may find that you manually adjust the stock of a product in the WooCommerce product. Also in this case, the new stock should be automatically pushed to Amazon. 
As soon as you adjust the stock in the WooCommerce product and update the WooCommerce product, it will be automatically prepared to update towards Amazon.

Interval updates

All updates are put in a queue, which is processed every 5 minutes. This is because Amazon has set a limit on the number of requests per minute. By building up a queue that is eliminated every 5 minutes, we make the most efficient use of Amazon's limits.

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