What do the Amazon error codes mean?

It may happen that you receive an error including code when publishing or changing a product from WooCommerce to Amazon. 
In the list below we explain what the error codes mean and how you can solve them.

This error is made when you publish and/or modify a product with a numerical value that is lower than the allowed minimum value. For example: the value "0" is lower than the minimum allowed value: "0.01".

    This option is not yet supported in the Amazon WooCommerce plugin. 

Error code Cause Solution
13013 This error occurs because no action can be taken for the SKU you entered, as it does not (yet) exist in the Amazon marketplace. Common reasons why this may be the case include:

The Woosa plugin for Amazon, automatically creates a SKU based on the WooCommerce Product ID.

If a SKU has already been added to a product on Amazon, it cannot be changed.

90114 This error is made when you publish and/or modify a product with a numerical value that is lower than the allowed minimum value. For example: the value "0" is lower than the minimum allowed value: "0.01".

Adjust the value to the minimum value and try to publish and/or change the product again.

The minimum value of 0.01 applies at least to price and weight.

99016 The number of values exceeds the maximum allowed. Amazon has a limit on the number of requests per minute. Try again later or try to do fewer actions at once.

This error occurs because duplicate SKUs are sent or some XML fields are formatted incorrectly, due to an incorrect format.

For example:

  • Strings with too many characters
  • Wrong sequence of attributes
  • Missing required attributes
  • Incorrect values in enumerations
Woosa is responsible for forwarding a correct XML. However, it may happen that the value in one of the fields is incorrect. For example: value is price and should be a numeric value, however "hundred" is filled in with text. This gives errors on the content of the field, which will have to be adjusted from WooCommerce.
90113 This error is made when you have specified a numeric value that exceeds the maximum amount allowed. Amazon has a minimum and maximum price per product. Check that your price does not exceed either value and publish and/or change again.
14016 Are you using scheduled prices? Then this error lacks the start and end dates.
8541 / 8542

This error occurs when the product identifier (UPC, EAN, JAN, ISBN, ASIN, etc.) appears to correspond to an existing ASIN, but some of the information submitted does not match the product information already in the Amazon marketplace for this ASIN. For example, if you try to list a hardcover book, but the ISBN for that book in the Amazon marketplace is associated with a paperback, you will get this error message.

A common cause of this error is the result of manufacturers reusing UPCs or EANs. In clothing, for example, a barcode is reused after 3 years. 

  1. Verify that the product is the same as the one you want to sell. If the product is exactly the same, you should use Amazon's ASIN instead of the EAN code provided by the manufacturer.

    a. If the product is not the same, the seller should check his own records and correct any errors.
    b. Are you sure your product is correct? Then contact Amazon's Support Department and report where the error lies.
    c. If you used the correct ASIN while uploading the product, change the conflicting data or use only SKU and ASIN without other product information.
6024 This error occurs when the seller is not authorized to list products under a brand name in a product line or category.
The seller must meet additional qualifications to sell certain brands on Amazon.

Amazon rejects certain brands in advance, to counteract fake items.

In this case, you need to ask for permission to sell the products of this brand name. We have explained the process for this in this article.

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