What do the Teamleader options entail?

In this article we will explain what all Teamleader options entail.

In the image below you can see which options you can set in Teamleader.


In the example you can see that the plugin is authorized. Learn how to do this here.

So what exactly do the options entail? 

  • Department. With this option you set up the department in your company. You need to create this department in your Teamleader account first.
  • Deal phases. Here you can set the different deal phases to your liking.
  • An invoice will be created. This means that when you place a new order in your shop, an invoice is automatically created in Teamleader. 
  • A deal will be created. This means that when a new order is placed in your shop, a deal is automatically created in Teamleader
  • Send data to Teamleader. With this option you can set when data should be sent to Teamleader. For example, you can say when an order is still 'pending' and then send the data to Teamleader.

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