How can I combine variations of products?

With the 'Van der Meer for WooCommerce' plugin it is possible to create product variations since version 1.0.6. With this you can combine multiple products to 1 product with variations. Think of a bag of dog food of 200 grams, 1 kilo and 5 kilos. By combining these products you have the product on your web shop where your customer can select the desired weight.

Stap 1:
Go to the Settings of the 'Van der Meer for WooCommerce' plugin and click on Merge Products.
Stap 2:

When you have already imported products, you will see an overview of the possible variations. If no variations are found, you will see the message "No variations found!".

Stap 3:

On the Merge Products page you have a number of options for merging products:
Merge - This button will merge all selected variations into a single product on your webshop.Add Variations - This button allows you to add new variations.Unselect all variations / Select all variations - This button allows you to deselect all variations or select all variations.
Stap 4:

When you click Add Variations, you will see a pop-up screen where you can add variations.
At Parent Product you look up the main product. Based on the entries in Parent Product, you can add variations. If, for example, you have a product of Antos as Parent Product and you click in the empty field at Variations, the Antos products will be pre-selected for you. You then only have to specify the product you want to link. Of course you can scroll the list for other brands and types of products as well.

Stap 5:

Click on Merge to merge the products. Once you have clicked on this, the merge process will start and you will see a progress bar.

The progress bar is not displayed in real time. To see the most recent progress status, you will need to refresh the page or switch pages.

Stap 6:
It can sometimes happen that the merge process gets stuck. In these cases, you can stop the merge process.

Click here to reset the merge process.

Stap 7:

When the product merge is complete, you can recognize the products with product variations in your overview by the price range displayed.

Stap 8:

When you open the product, you will see in the Product Data that the product is a 'Variable product'. If you open the Van der Meer tab, you will find sub-products, each with their own EAN code of the original product.

Stap 9:

To adjust the price or product information of a product variation, you can click on the Variations tab.

Then on the right side you will see click on the product line (for example #12345 1.2KG) to see the product specifications.

Stap 10:

Then you can change the data of the corresponding product variation such as price, stock number and weight. If the shipping or tax class differs from the main product, you can also adjust it here.

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