How do I configure the settings of the WooCommerce plugin?

In order to use the WooCommerce plugin it needs to be configured. You can find the settings for the plugin in the main menu via > Settings.



There are a number of settings related to the product. In the plugin you can configure the most used values, which you can override at the product level.

Go to > Settings > and click on the General tab

EAN bron
1) Standard
2) Use a specific additional field (also known as Custom Field)
3) Use the product SKU
You can indicate where we can get the EAN code from if it is already stored in your webshop
Use WooCommerce price
Tick to apply
Use the WooCommerce price with any margin (amount or percentage)

Shipping cost (€)

Shipping costs are added to the price

Stock managed by

1) Retailer
Leading in stock management

Delivery time

Dropdown selection
Delivery Promise

Shipping by

1) Retailer
2) (LVB)
Select by whom the products should be delivered


1) New
2) As good as new
3) Good
4) Adequate
5) Moderate
Condition of the product

Address format

1) House number street
2) Street number
Specify how the address should be imported.


For connecting your WooCommerce store to your sales account, we need a Client ID and Client Secret. You need to create these yourself in your sales account. How to do this?

  1. Log into the sales account

  2. Click on your company name at the top right and then on Settings

  3. Under Services, click on API settings

  4. Under Client credentials, click Create (You may need to enter a contact person first).
  5. Enter any name and click Yes, Add

  6. The Client ID is visible immediately, copy it to the Client ID field in the settings of the plugin

  7. The Client Secret can be seen by clicking on Show Secret, copy it to the Client Secret field in the settings of the plugin

  8. Then click Save Changes. If the status remains at Not Authorized, click Click to Authorize.


In order to work as well as possible with the WooCommerce plugin, we have added some handy tools.
  • Clear cache
    Are changes not being made? Then try clearing the cache. 

  • Clear background process
    If processes such as importing orders, returns and invoices get stuck you can reset the processes.

  • Reset cron jobs
    If actions such as updating orders, returns, invoices and products get stuck you can reset them.


You purchase a license from Woosa to use the WooCommerce plugin, unlimited support and updates. You need to fill in this license in the plugin settings, so all functionalities work properly. You do this as follows:

  1. Your Woosa license code always starts with wc_. Copy this code into the API license code field.

  2. The API email address is the email address you are registered with Woosa with, enter it under API email address.

  3. Then click on Save Changes. Your license status will change to Active, if the status remains at Inactive, please check your license through the My Account environment on the Woosa website.

Does this not make sense?

Are you unable to configure the plugin correctly or do you have additional questions about the settings? Please contact us at [email protected].

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