Why do I get the message that I need to select a category?

Do you get the message that you have to select a category? Then you will probably be the first to sell your published product on bol.com.

What to do with new products for bol.com?

You can manually place the products on bol.com. This can take up to 4 working days before it has been checked and approved by bol.com. 

With our bol.com content connection addon you can easily and semi-automatically add new products on bol.com. Have you published a new product? Then it will get an orange exclamation mark. Then you can fill in additional information via WooCommerce > Settings > Content Connection tab. 

Need support?

Still experiencing problems or having questions? Please don't hesitate to contact us via woosa.com/support or by phone via  +31 (0)320 - 33 77 77. 

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