How do I publish a product on

Did you go through all the settings? Then you can publish your WooCommerce products on with one click of a button. In this article we explain how you can do this.

To begin with, there are 2 ways to publish a product:

  • By individual product
  • Multiple products in bulk

By individual product

In your WordPress backend, go to Products and click on the product you want to publish on Scroll down to Product data and click on the tab. 

  1. Select the Publish action
  2. Adjust other parameters if necessary
  3. Click on Update 

  4. The status is now changing to Pending - it may take about 5 minutes before you get final feedback from 
  5. Has your product been successfully published on From now on you will see a green tick in the product overview, behind this product. Your product has been successfully published on!
  6. Instead of a green check mark, do you get a red exclamation point? Check out the error handling when publishing products.

Several products in bulk

In your WordPress backend, go to Products and in the product overview at the top left, click Actions. Select the products you want to publish and choose Sphere: Publish, then click Apply

Depending on the number of products selected, a progress bar will appear. This indicates how many products have already been published on 

To publish or update multiple products in bulk, you should not have the EAN source set to Standard (unless you added all the EAN codes manually to the product tab). If you already have the EAN codes in WooCommerce, link them within seconds. Read here how to properly configure the EAN source.

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