Why do I get an error when publishing a product?

Would you like to publish a product on bol.com, but you see the red Error text? Then something went wrong.

How do I solve my error?

If you click on the product that has the error. Go to the bol tab on product level and then for example Bol-1. Then you can see what causes the error.

Most common errors

Error How to solve?
Enter a valid stock level (between 1 and 999) Our bol.com plugin takes over the stock level of the WooCommerce product. If it is not enabled or has no stock, the product cannot be published.

Update price - this promotion cannot be processed because this product is not linked to any offer in bol.com. Please publish this first.

Do you want to update the price of a product on bol.com? Then the product first needs to be published on bol.com via WooCommerce. 
[Offer not found] The offer [ID/UID: 12b651d9-3d32-4b97-bb5c-1d233fb6034c] does not exists The bol.com WooCommerce plugin, continuously tries to update the product in bol.com. This way, for example, the stocks are always up to date. If this problem occurs, it could be that the product has been removed from bol.com. You solve this by first resetting the product in WooCommerce and then republishing it.
Please provide the EAN code. Our bol.com plugin needs an EAN code to link it to an existing product.   
The EAN code is invalid, please check again to make sure you entered a valid one. Check if you have correctly filled in the EAN.
4004 error code Check the uploaded content if you need to fill in more details about this product

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