How does the Content Connection add-on work?

With the Content Connection add-on it's possible to publish unique EAN's to the platform. Before you can upload the content though, you'll need to fill in the product information. This is divided into two parts:

  • Mandatory fields (Product information which is mandatory to fill in before it can be published)
  • Optional fields (Product information which isn't mandatory to fill before it can be published)

In this article we'll explain exactly how to work with the Content Connection add-on.

Category mapping

Before you can publish new EAN's, you'll need to connect your WooCommerce categories to those of 

  1. Go to the plugin settings
  2. Click on the Content Connection tab
  3. Immediately you are on the category mapping page
  4. Select the Content language, either Dutch or French and click on Collect categories
  5. Underneath the categories header, click Select
  6. The button Select will be replaced with a dropdown menu, click on it and select or search the category
  7. Click on Connect

Configure categories

After connecting certain WooCommerce categories to, you can pre-fill each WooCommerce category with information. This contains the Mandatory fields & Optional fields, so that you don't need to manually fill in each product with this information. Instead, the plugin gets the information from the pre-filled category. 

  1. Go to the plugin settings
  2. Click on the Content Connection tab
  3. Immediately you are on the category mapping page
  4. At the right side of a category, click on Configure
  5. A screen will popup and from there you can configure the Mandatory & Optional fields
    1. The mandatory must be filled in, or else refuses the product
    2. The optional fields aren't required, but in some cases it's better to fill them in to avoid not having enough product information on
  6. Lastly when everything is filled in, scroll down and click on Save Config

Publish Products

After configuring the categories, you can immediately start publish new products to 

  1. Go to the product page in WooCommerce
  2. Select the products you would like to publish
  3. Click on Bulk Action: bol publish to publish the desired products
  4. After you published the product(s), it'll first have the status Processing and eventually No Content
  5. Go to the plugin Settings -> Content Connection -> Upload Content and find your product(s) there
  6. Click on Manage Content and fill in the product with all the Mandatory Fields if still needed, and also Optional Fields (Note: if you already configured the categories, then mostlikely most of the fields will already be pre-filled)
  7. After you are done, scroll down and click o Upload Content 
  8. The products will first appear in the Processing tab and from there it'll either go to Rejected or Uploaded

Great, you succesfully uploaded unique products to!

Need support?

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