How do I authorize my store with

To be able to start using the plugin, you first need to link your webshop to your account. Here we explain step by step how.

Creating a Client ID & Secret

  1. Login to your seller account:
  2. Click on your company name at the top right > Settings

  3. Next click on API settings

  4. Scroll down and under the Client Credentials and click Create

  5. Enter any name as API user, for example WooCommerce
  6. Click on Yes add

  7. A Client ID has now been created. When you click on Show Secret, the Client Secret occurs. We fill in the Client ID & Secret in the plugin settings, we will explain that below

Fill in the Client ID & Secret

Now that the API data has been created, we can enter it in the plugin settings.

  1. In Wordpress, go to > Settings

  2. Then click on the Accounts tab

  3. Enter the Client ID & Secret you created above.
  4. At the bottom of the screen, click Save Changes

  5. Then click on Click to authorize


Successful! Your shop is now authorized with your account. You can now start publishing products.

Need help?

Are you having problems with it? Then you can always contact us by phone at 0320 - 33 77 77 or by e-mail at [email protected] 

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