Installing the WooCommerce plugin

You can install and activate the plugin directly from your WordPress dashboard.

We recommend that you first create an account with Shops United and then install the plugin. 

Step 1
Login to the back office of your store.

Step 2
On the left, click Plugins > New plugin.

Step 3

On the top right you will see a search bar, type in parcel pro here. When you see the app on the top left, click the Install Now button.

After installing, click Activate Plugin.
Step 4

If the plugin is installed you can find it via WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping Methods > Parcel Pro. If an update is available, it will be displayed within your CMS and you can update the plugin with one click

Step 5
In order to use the plugin, you must enter your Parcel Pro User Id and Parcel Pro API Key information. You can find these in the shipping system on the Connections page (see next step).

The ParcelPro (Shops United) WooCommerce plugin includes a number of configuration options:

  • Enable: You can turn the plugin on or off by clicking in the checkbox.
  • Method Title: The title that will be displayed during the checkout process.
  • Availability of method: The countries to which the plugin applies. This is based on country of the recipient.
  • Parcel Pro User Id: LoginId obtained in the shipping system.
  • Parcel Pro Api Key: API Key obtained in the shipping system.
  • Auto-Registration: By clicking the checkbox, shipments are immediately entered into the shipping system the moment the status is reached as indicated by Automatic Sign-In Status.
  • Add tracking to order: By clicking the checkbox tracking data will be added to the order summary. This can be used in a mailing towards the customer within WooCommerce / external plugins.

  • Order for displaying shipping options: Allows you to determine the order of the shipping options in the checkout process.

Step 6

Now you can set the shipping options for each carrier. The shipping methods can be unfolded by clicking on Shipping Methods of DHL, for example.

A send line contains the following:
  • Title (Method Title)
  • Min Weight
  • Maximum Weight
  • Minimum Total
  • Maximum Total
  • Price

If the products in the shopping cart at that time during checkout meet these set values, the rate will be visible. Example For an order of up to 100 euros with a maximum weight of 30 kg, the shipping option Parcelshop with a rate of 4 euros is visible. Above 100 euros with a maximum weight of 30 kg, the shipping will be free to a Parcelshop.

Step 7
To save the changes click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page.

If there is a new order and the setting Automatic submission is not activated you can continue the order by using the button with the upward arrow.


If everything is successful in the order forwarding process, two buttons will appear. A button with a document icon, with this you can print a shipping label. And a truck icon, a click on that navigates you to the track & trace page of the shipment.

woocommerce-stap-7-2Printing or submitting more shipments at once can be done with the selection list below. It can be found at the top of the Actions order list.

The link with the WooCommerce plugin is now ready! 😀

This is the user guide for our plugin with WooCommerce. If you have any questions you can request support by sending an email to [email protected] or calling (+31) 0320 33 7777.

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