Installation via API link

Step 1

Login to the back office of your online store.
Step 2
On the left side of the menu, go to WooCommerce and click on Settings.
Step 3
At the top, choose the Advanced tab and then click REST API > Add Key

woocommerce-api-stap-3 Step 4

Fill in the following information:
  • Description
  • User (this one is usually already correct)
  • Change rights to Read and Write

Then click the blue Generate API Key button. 

woocommerce-api-stap-4 Step 5
Copy the Customer Key and Customer Secret
Step 6

To connect through the API, the legacy API option must be turned on under Advanced.

Step 7
In the shipping system, go to WooCommerce via the Settings > Links menu
Next, on the page you will immediately see the Customer Key ( API Key) and Customer Secret entry fields.
Paste the data from WooCommerce here and click on the Connect button at the bottom. 

The connection is now ready!


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