How do I configure bundle prices?

The bundle prices option allows you to configure a set of rules in order to give discount on your products on This option can be configured in the plugin general settings, or on product level editing. 

General settings

  1. In WordPress, navigate to the plugin settings
  2. Click on the Accounts tab
  3. Select the checkbox Use Bundle Prices
  4. Fill in the Quantity aswell as the Discount (%) fields
  5. Finally click on Save Changes

From now on, all products that you Publish to will have the configured bundle prices.

Product editing

  1. In WordPress, navigate to the product page
  2. Edit a random product you wish to publish to
  3. Navigate to Product Data and click on the tab
  4. Click on the desired account, by default Bol -1
  5. Select the checkbox Manage bundle prices?
  6. Fill in the Quantity aswell as the Discount (%) fields
  7. Finally click on Update

From now on, the products you edited individually will have the bundle prices on  

Please note: configuring the bundle prices on product level will overwrite the set of rules configured in the plugin general settings

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