How do I solve the cURL 52 error?

Did you see the following error in your shop? Please read this article to fix this:

curl: (52) Empty reply from the server

You as a client should not troubleshoot this error message on your side, this should be done on the side of the hosting. When this error appears in the logs you know it is server related. It's logged because it's an indication that a zero-length response was received from your server. It's a closed TCP connection where no HTTP payload has been transmitted. After the libcurl has send a request and it did not receive any response back the ' curl: (52) Empty reply from the server' error will be logged.

Below I will explain what the causes can be and the solution what comes per cause: 

  • When using  curl with a assignment for port in the URL  

We recommend you to use a different port 

  • The log can be created due to server redirection

Please execute the command using curl -L

  • The usage of an older version of libcurl can also end up in this error

When this is the cause we advice you to update to the latest version of libcurl

  • If the website didn't finish a loopback request in WordPress (your backend) this cause can also affect your scheduled actions

Please add the following code to use the Cron job system that could solve this error generally:

define(‘ALTERNATE_WP_CRON’, true);
  • Something like a firewall could block a functionality

For this make sure to check the firewall rules, beside check that HTTP and HTTPS etc. are enabled via the firewall

  • The last cause can be when curl relies on a HTTP while the server does HTTPS

If this is the cause please use HTTPS instead of HTTP

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