How do I start with the licence manager?

How to start with the Licence manager.

  1. Check the settings page and make sure you’ve set the correct order status that will trigger a license generation.
  2. Go to License Manager -> Software and set up your software objects – the plugins you want to sell on your website as zip archive next to the the rest of the options available in the new Software page.
  3. Link the Software to a new or existing WooCommerce Product.
  4. Publish the product and start selling it.
  5. When a new order for a product linked to a Software object changes its status to the status you’ve set in the option described at point 1. then a new license key will be generated.
  6. When the license key is generated it will get displayed both in the admin under License Manager -> Licenses and in the front end in the client account -> License Manager where the client can see the license key, download the software and see the rest of the information related to the software and license.
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