How do I link WooCommerce products to software?

How do I link WooCommerce products to software?

This article will show how to link a Software object to a WooCommerce product and how to set it up so that it will be listed correctly on the user account page.

  • in product data meta box top bar select Licensable and Virtual checkboxes
  • go to License & Updates tab in the same product data meta box.
  • select the Software package by searching the name of the Software
  • set the number of possible activations by setting License activations limit. Leave empty or 0 for unlimited activations.
  • Set up the rest of WC Product specific details and you can publish the product

Product Data

The product data meta box holds most of the data related to a WooCommerce Product.

In this meta box top bar we need to set up the product type.

Here we need to check the Licensable checkbox to get access to the License and Updates Manager product options. Most often this option will be set up together with the Virtual option next to it.

*We don’t need and shouldn’t use the Downloadable option here, that describes other types of products.

License & Updates tab

Here we have the product details specific to our License Manager plugin

To link a Software item to a product just search enter the software name in the search field next to Software package and select the software you want from the list.

Set up the license activation limit using 0 or a blank value for unlimited activations and that is all from the license manager point of view.

You can set up the rest of the product details like the price and SKU and publish your product.

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