What are licences?

In the WordPress admin we find the main plugin menu called License Manager, under which we have a couple of options, the one we are interested in this chapter is Licenses.

General description of license options

Under this option, we have the list of licenses generated by our plugin. The list displays the License key, Status, Activations, and Product.

The rest of the license fields are found under each single item page.

License Key

  • A string of characters representing the license key
  • It has the WordPress home URL of the shop that emitted the license encrypted in it
  • The length of the license key should be the same on a single shop but varies between shops due to the WordPress home URL length


  • Available – will allow license activation and software download
  • Disabled – doesn’t allow license activation nor software download


  • displays the number of active domains on a license and the total number of possible activation on that license.
  • if the value for the allowed activations is 0 or it is empty then there will be no limit over the number of activations the license may have.


  • the product linked to the license


  • linked order id
  • available in the single License edit admin page
  • to set this up you should search for the order upfront and know the id you want to link


  • the user linked to this license
  • we display the user email address in this field, not the email address used in the order
  • you can search for email addresses in this field

Send the update now

  • after a software update has been uploaded on the server this button allows us to deploy the update to the domains available in a specific license
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