What are softwares from the licence manager?

We find this option under the License Manager tab in the WordPress admin menu.

General description of software options

On the software list page, we see the list of software objects. The list displays the Title, Version, Last Update and, Author columns, the rest of the software-specific options are found in the individual item edit page in the admin.


  • Software title


  • The software version
  • It has to be incremented when updates are uploaded
  • Different versions of the software are compared using the version_compare PHP function

Last Update

  • The date of the last software file upload


  • This is a free text field, it doesn’t link the software with an user

Software file

  • The file that contains the software zip archive
  • This file has to be overwritten on software updates


  • Text displayed as software changelog in the client web site

Send the update now

  • Send the update to all domains that have an active license for this software
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