Integrator Custom Fields for Verzenden via

In collaboration with, Woosa has developed the Verzenden via (VVB) WooCommerce plugin. This plugin enables every WooCommerce store to easily retrieve VVB shipping labels and inform the integrator, such as Channable, ChannelEngine, EffectConnect and many more. 

In order for the plugin to work correctly with, you will need to configure where the plugin can retrieve the order ID and put the Track & Trace code. This is done via a Custom Field of the integrator. In the table below, you will find all Custom Fields for the particular integrator.

Integrator order ID Track & Trace code
ChannelEngine _channel_order_no ce_track_and_trace
Channable ext_order_id tracking_code
ProductFlow _productflow_external_ identifier _shipping_productflow_track_ and_trace
ESS ExternalOrderNumberDistributionByBOL ExternalOrderTrackTrace
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