How do I solve the 4004 error code in products?

When you've unique products in your shop and you want to publish them to and they haven't taken these products into their catelogue yet, the products will need additional information in order to be published. In the product there will be an error called 4004 - enrisch this product with additional information. In this article I will tell you all about it.

If you see this error in a product by tab Bol-1, it means that your product needs more information in order to be published. If you have the Content connection plugin off us, navigate then to the Content connection settings and the product will be there under tab upload content, ready to be published, or, in this case needs to be filled with more information. 

The 4004 error can also be given to a product when the product has been already once tried to be published to without the correct data or not enough information and that the product has declined. This will also end up in a 4004 error code within the product. For this, you will need to send the product once more through the Content connection by applying the bulkaction Bol: publish, the product is than send again to the Content connection where you can fill it with more information so you can publish it once more! 

If you don't have the Content connection plugin in your Woosa subscription pack, you can download this plugin Here.

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