Bulk actions in WooCommerce product overview

There is a possibility to publish or reset multiple products at the same time. In this article we will explain all bulk actions in detail.

To perform a bulk action you need to go to the product overview in the backend of your WordPress website. You do this by clicking on Products in the left main menu.


Select all products you want to publish in bulk on bol.com. Have you selected all products? Click in the top right on Bulk actions and choose bol: publish to publish the selected products on bol.com.

Notice! In the plugin settings below the General tab, the EAN source must at least be Use the product SKU or Use a specific custom field. If these are not set, the EAN code cannot be recognized and without EAN code a product cannot be published on bol.com.


In some cases it can happen that a process gets stuck. In other words, a WooCommerce product remains in the Pending status. In that case, we recommend that you reset the process for that specific product.

You do this by selecting the product. Click in the top right on Bulk actions and choose bol: reset to reset the process of the selected products.

Pay attention! This bulk action only resets the process. It does not perform any further action on bol.com. The product will therefore remain published on bol.com regardless of the action.
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