How do I configure the settings of the Adyen WooCommerce plugin?

Before you can use the Adyen WooCommerce plugin and accept payments through your WooCommerce webshop, you need the configure the plugin settings. You can find the settings for the plugin by following the path WooCommerce > Settings > tab Adyen.


First you need to purchase a license via the website of Woosa. Once you have purchased a license, you will receive a license key which can be filled in the settings of the plugin. If you don't have an active license, your plugin might not work correctly. Follow the steps below to fill in your license details:
  1. Your Woosa license key always starts with wc_. Copy this to the field API license key.
  2. The API e-mail is the email address you registered with at Woosa, fill this in under API e-mail.
  3. Next click on Save changes. the license status will now be changed to Active. If the status doesn't change and is still Inactive, than we recommend you to check your license key at My account.


In the settings you can manage Capture mode. 
Capture mode means the timepath when a payment is actually captured or paid. The capture mode in WooCommerce will not be synchronized with Adyen, so make sure in both WooCommerce and Adyen this setting is exactly the same in order for it to work.
The following Capture modi are available:

Capture modus
  • Direct
  • With Delay
  • Manual
Choose when you the credit card payments to continue


Have you configured all above settings? Then we can start connecting your WooCommerce webshop to Adyen. Therefore you need a couple of things from Adyen, read this article to find out what information you need and how to authenticate your WooCommerce webshop.


At last, you need to activate the notifications. The notifications will sent the actual payment responses. If this is not setup correctly, your payment status will not be updated and you can't accept payments yet via Adyen. Read how to activate the Adyen notifications.
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