Configuration of the Marktplaats settings

In order to use the Marktplaats WooCommerce plugin, it must be configured. The settings for the plugin can be found via WooCommerce > Settings > Marktplaats tab.


First you need to configure and authorize the Marktplaats plugin.


You need to purchase a license from Woosa for the use of the Marktplaats WooCommerce plugin, unlimited support and updates. You will have to enter this license in the plugin settings so that all functionalities work properly. You will do this as follows:

  1. Your Woosa license code always starts with wc_. Copy this code to the API license key field.
  2. The API email address is the email address with which you are registered at Woosa, enter it below API email address.
  3. Then click Save Changes. Your license status will change to Active, if the status remains on Inactive, check your license via the My account environment on the Woosa website.

Marktplaats authentication

To connect your WooCommerce webshop to your Marktplaats Admarkt account, you need to authorize the plugin. How you do this?

  1. Click on authorize
  2. You will be redirected to the login page of Marktplaats
  3. Fill in your username and password to authorize WooCommerce
  4. Are you logged in succesfully? Than the status will change to Authorized
Don't have login credentials yet? Here you can read how to request those.


After authorizing the plugin, you can configure other settings in the mini-tab Products.

Additional info
Seller name
Name of seller
This name will be showed in your Marktplaats advertisement
Shipping cost
Shipping cost
Which shipping costs do you want to charge?
Shipping time
Shipping time
What is your average shipping time?

Any questions?

Do you have additional questions about the plugin settings? Please contact us via 020 - 225 19 80 or via
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