How to configurate the VidaXL WooCommerce plugin

Heb je de VidaXL WooCommerce plugin geïnstalleerd en geactiveerd? Dan dien je de instellingen te configureren, zodat je van start kunt gaan met het verkopen van je producten.


Name Value
API Key The license code you recieved from Woosa.

API e-mail The e-mail that you bought the plugin with at woosa.
Accept orders from
Select the country that is allowed to dropship from VidaXL.
E-mail The e-mail adress from your VidaXL account.
API-token The API-Token From your VidaXL account.

Want to do some test orders first? select this option.

Test e-email

The e-mail adress from your VidaXL test account.

Test API-token The API-token from your VidaXL test account. 


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