How do I remove my VidaXL products from WooCommerce?

Do you no longer want to sell a product? Or would you like to start importing products again? Then you can easily remove already imported VidaXL products with our VidaXL WooCommerce plugin.

Remove all products at once

Go to WooCommerce> Settings> VidaXL tab. Then click Import products. You immediately see all statistics of your last import. Under the button Check for number of products you will see a link with Remove all imported products.
If you clicked on this, the removal of all VidaXL products will be initiated. You will be kept informed via a progress bar.
While all products are being removed, you can continue to customize your website.

Remove some products

To remove a single product, go to the WooCommerce product overview. Then find the product you want to remove and select it. Then find another product you want to remove and select it.

Then go to Actions at the top right and choose Move to trash. Don't forget to click Apply.

The product is now temporarily removed, but is still available under Trash. Do you want to permanently remove the products? Then follow the same steps, but now choose Permanent removal.
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