To use all the functionalities of the WooCommerce plugin, you need a valid license. You need to activate this trough the backend, at the settings of the designated plugin

Where to find the licensecode?



After you have purchased the plugin at Woosa, you wil recieve a e-mail from us with a download link and the licensecode. The licensecode will always start with wc_.

My account

Dit you forget the e-mail? Dont worry, you can always find the licensecode at your Woosa account. Your username is the email adress and the password is the one you made while purchasing the license.

Your license code is connected to the e-mail adress you purchased it with. Both need to match with eachother to activate the plugin and the license.


Is the licensecode regonized? Than the status of the plugin wil change from Inactive to Active.
If there are any problems feel free to contact us at or with the chat on
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