How does your VidaXL account work?

Already made a account at VidaXL? than you can continue with this artikel. if you dont have a account yet you can make one here!


If you already made a VidaXl account you can login at: You wil arive at the dashboard where you can see the stock of VidaXL as well as the balance.


API key VidaXL
To send the orders from WooCommerce to VidaXL we need the API key from you VidaXL account. you need to fill this in in the setting off the vidaXL plugin.

Follow the next stepts to get your VidaXL API Key:

  1. Go to your VidaXL account and click on your company name
  2. in the dropdown menu choose My Account
  3. Scroll all contact detail down until you see the API token.
  4. Click on: Show API token
  5. The token that you see now needs to be fillen in in the WooCommerce plugin


Putting trough orders automaticly

even though the VidaXL plugin automaticly puts trough orders to VidaXL, you still need to approve these in your VidaXL account. you can do that the following way.

  1. Go to your VidaXL account and click on Unsubmitted orders
  2. Here you will find all orders that come in from WooCommerce
  3. Click on Review & Confirm to make the order complete
  4. All send orders will show in Order history
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