How do I publish a product to

Did you go trough all settings? Then you can publish your WooCommerce products to with 1 press of a button. In this article we wil explain how you can do this.

There are 2 ways you can publish the products:

  • Per individual product
  • More products trough bulk action

Per individual product

Go into your wordpress backend to Products and click on the product that you want to publish to Scroll down to Product data and click on the tab for

  1. choose the action publish
  2. change some settings that you want changed
  3. click on update 
  4. the status should change to Pending - it can take around 5 minutes before it is updated on 
  5. Is your product successfully published on Than you will see a green check in the product list behind the product. Your product is published successfully on!
  6. Do you get a red exclamation mark instead of a green check? Look at the error at the product to find out how to solve it.

More products trough bulk

In The backend off WordPress go to Products and click in the top left on actions. select the products that you want to publish and choose for Bol: publish And after that press Apply.

Depending on the number of product there wil be a progress bar. This wil tell you how many products have been published on 

To publish or change more product trough bulk in once, the setting for EAN source does not need to be on standard (Unless you already filled in all fields manually). Do you already have the EAN codes in WooCOmmerce? You can connect them in a few seconds. Read here how to configurate the EAN source correctly.

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