Why do I get a VidaXL image server error?

Do you get an error message saying that the images are not loaded correctly from the VidaXL plugin? In this article we explain the cause of this error and how to solve it.

Why does this error appear? 

You don't have to worry, this error doesn't inflict any functionalities on the website or on the products that are imported by the VidaXL plugin. This error can happen every once in a while. The error is caused because some pictures aren't loading in correctly from the documentation from VidaXL.

How do I solve the error?

You wil get an option to load in the pictures again. Select this option to load the pictures again.
This should solve the error.

Need help?

Are you stuck? You can contact our support desk via support@woosa.com. We are happy to help you!

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