How do I link WooCommerce to my Teamleader account?

In this article we will explain step by step how to link your Teamleader account with our plugin.

First you ensure that the plugin is activated with your API key and email, given by us when purchasing. For more information on how to activate our plugins, see this article:

Authorizing the Teamleader plugin is as follows:

  1. In your backend, navigate to WooCommerce-> Settings.
  2. Then click on the 'Teamleader' tab and search for the 'Teamleader application' heading.
  3. Click on 'Authorize', a new window will open.
  4. You should now log in with your Teamleader account.
  5. Good luck! The Teamleader plugin is now authorized.

If you were unable to authorize, you probably used the wrong credentials of your Teamleader account.

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