How do you authorize the Amazon API?

Before going through this step, you must first authorize the Amazon WooCommerce plugin with your Amazon Seller Account. In this article we explain how to do this.

Autoriseer de Amazon API

  1. Go to WooCommerce > Settings > tab Amazon > mini-tab Authorization;
  2. At first you need to fill in your Seller ID. You can retrieve this by going to your Amazon Seller Account and click right above Settings > Account Info and click next on Your Merchant Token;
  3. Fill in Your Merchant Token at the Seller ID field in the settings of the Amazon WooCommerce plugin;
  4. Next you need to fill in your MWS Authorization Token. You can find this in your Amazon Seller Account via right above Settings > User Permissions;
  5. Click below Third-party developer and apps at the button Manage your apps;
  6. Next you can view at the Developer name Woosa, which we have create in the previous step, your MWS Authorization Token;
  7. Fill in your MWS Authorization Token in the settings of the Amazon WooCommerce plugin.
  8. At last choose the marketplace you want to sell on. Currently this is country related;
  9. Everything done? Don't forget to click Save changes. The status should be changed to Authorized immediately.

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