Can you adjust product information on from within WooCommerce?

Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to propose changes to the product information via the API to

However, it is possible to make suggestions for changing the product information via the sales account. Before you start, you should know that every product has its own product page on the website. When you sell a product that is also offered by other sellers, you share the product page. In order to display the best product information on that page, it is possible to change existing product information. A number of things are important to know:

  • It can take up to 8 hours for the change to be visible on
  • It is possible that changes to products where multiple sellers are active will not be visible. In that case, a combination of product information from other sellers is chosen. You will be informed about this on the feedback pages in the sales account.
  • The product information can also be changed by other sellers. Such a change is implemented when it appears relevant to the customer.

It is therefore not certain that will honor your suggestion, because it must take other sellers into account. Are you the sole seller of a product? Then it is more likely that they will honor your suggestion.

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