vidaXL product synchronization

With the vidaXL plugin you can synchronize products in your webshop. The products are updated in real-time if something changes in the vidaXL feed. In this article we explain how the synchronization works and what you should pay attention to.

Start product synchronization

To start the product synchronization you must first specify a batch limit in the plugin settings:


It is recommended to configure this to a minimum of '100' and a maximum of approximately '300'.

In addition, you can configure a number of options to your own liking:


Then it's time to configure the product feed and categories:


After you have chosen the correct Feed and the categories, click on Start Synchronization to synchronize the products in your webshop.

Important: if the products are synchronized in your webshop, do not stop the synchronization, otherwise the products will not be updated.

Remove products

There are three ways to remove products:

1. Manually to trash in the product overview
2. Product visibility to 'Hidden'
3. Uncheck categories in the plugin settings

1. Manual to Trash

If you want to remove products that you don't like from a certain category, you can manually place them in the product overview in the Trash. This can be done individually per product or of course in BULK:


However, if you permanently remove the products from the Trash, the products will be placed back in WooCommerce. This is because it is a 'synchronization', so the plugin will sync them back into WooCommerce.

2. Uncheck categories

So you can also remove products by unchecking the categories in the plugin settings > synchronize product:


  1. First click on 'Stop Synchronization'
  2. Then uncheck the category(ies) you want to remove
  3. Click on 'Start Synchronization'
  4. The unchecked categories will now be removed from WooCommerce

Important: because you uncheck a category, all already synced products from that specific category will be removed.

3. Put products on Hidden

Another option is not to remove the products from WooCommerce, but to make them invisible in the front-end of the webshop. You do this by following the steps below:

  1. Go to the product overview
  2. Tick ​​the products you want to make invisible
  3. Click on 'Edit' and then 'Apply'
    • mceclip1.png
  4. Then click on 'Visibility' and choose 'Hidden'
    • mceclip2.jpg
  5. Finally, click on 'Update'

The products are now no longer visible on the front-end of your webshop.

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