How does the Content Connection add-on work?

In this article we will explain step by step how to publish new EANs (products) to, using the Content Connection add-on. 

Category mapping

First you need to link your webshop categories to those of, so the plugin knows to which categories the products should be published. 

  1. In Wordpress, go to > Settings
  2. Then tab Content Connection (immediately you will get to the categories connection page)
  3. Click on Collect Categories (the categories will now be retrieved)
  4. At the bottom, choose your webshop categories and link them to the categories on the right


The categories are now successfully mapped!

Publish products

Of course, it is now time to publish products with new EANs to 

  1. Go to product overview
  2. Tick the products you want to publish
  3. Click on BULK Actions > bol Publish
  4. The product will remain on In treatment for a number of minutes 
  5. If the product has the status No content, it is in the Content Connection add-on under the heading Upload Content


Fill in product information

The product can now be found in the Content Connection add-on, under the heading Upload Content. 

  1. In Wordpress, go to > Settings
  2. Then tab Content Connection > Upload Content
  3. Provide the product with information by clicking on Manage Content
  4. A screen now occurs, enter as much information as possible so it gets a good score on
  5. Click on Save Changes
  6. To publish the products to, click on the Upload Content page at the bottom of the screen.


Need help?

Are you having problems with it? Then you can always contact us by phone at 0320 - 33 77 77 or by e-mail at 

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